The Birthday Cake Builder – Our Latest ‘Technology’

make your own ice cream cakeSince 1999, The Birthday Cake shop has lead the way in ensuring not only your occasion isn’t without it’s cake but providing endless options when it comes to flavours, shape and design. The development of the Cake Builder with simplicity in mind, delivers the easiest and most straightforward ordering experience in Melbourne. By transforming the process of online ordering, you design all the elements of your cake, leave the rest to us and be guaranteed that what you order is what will be delivered.

The Builder works in 5 steps:

First select the shape of the cake. Round, square or rectangle? Each shape comes in a range of size options and will give you a guide as to how many it will serve.  Or perhaps you have a certain shape in mind or a more intricate design.  You can always ring us on 03 9836 4444 and speak to one of our experienced staff members if you need any suggestions or guidance with your order.  After you have selected the shape and size of the cake, you will be able to choose your flavours!

With the largest range of flavours available for Ice Cream Cakes in Melbourne the combinations are endless.  Our most popular flavors are Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry but the choice is all yours.  For a full list and description of our flavours click here.


Once you’ve selected your flavours, it’s time to add some “mix-ins”.  We have a huge selection of available such as Flakes, M&Ms, Tim Tams, Maltesers and Oreos just to name a few. Freddo Frogs, KitKats, Wagon Wheels and Cookie Dough just to name a few more! These tasty treats are evenly distributed throughout the layers of your cake and add a new level of surprise to any birthday boy or girl! .


Step 4 allows you to design the masterpiece on top of your cake. Our team of exceptionally talented cake decorators can create any theme you have in mind.  Or perhaps you have a specific image or photo you want to use? It’s so easy, just upload it and we will create a wonderful edible image for you!


Upload Your Own Photo!


Our Novelty Shaped Cakes!


Beautiful Designer Cakes!

Lastly with step 5 you can finish off your design with all the trimmings.  Select the colour of the piping you want, personalise your message with “happy 7th birthday” or “congratulations” or whatever else you like, add some candles, sparklers, ice cream cones or perhaps an extra tub of ice cream.   And don’t forget whether it’s to a restaurant, function room, play centre, workplace and ofcourse your own home, we deliver.  When you’re ready to checkout simply add your creation to the basket, use our
secure pay online processing facility and receive your receipt.lickme car

No other company offers this much choice with such ease. The Birthday Cake Shop leads the way in customer service and flexibility and we’re here to
help take the stress out of  what we feel is the most important part of your celebration!