How to make Pokemon cakes and what are the options?

One question we are often asked is how we make our Pokemon cakes and what options are available. The reason we are asked is two fold. The first Pokemon games actually came out in 1996 – that’s now 23 years ago. Interestingly, even though they have now been around for that long you would think that there would be lots of available Pokemon cakes. Sadly, for all Pokemon fans, the answer is no.

Why you ask? Well for starters there are no official Pokemon cake tins, so getting your cake in the shape of your favourite Pokemon character is very difficult.

How do we do it? Check this out and in no time you’ll be making your own!

First step is to make the ice cream. We hand make all our ice cream and the best results in making any ice cream cake is to make your own. We have covered this process in a previous blog. If you are making a cake with say three separate layers of ice cream, be sure to freeze each layer separately.

Second step is to layer all your ice cream into a rectangular mold. We find that a 3.5 litre mold works perfectly with the Pokemon shapes. Just using a food storage container like this will do the trick!

Third step is to neatly draw your Pokemon character on the rectangular slab of ice cream. Timing is important here as you’ll need to be quick to avoid any melting. You can do this in parts and keep putting the slab back in the freezer every couple of minutes. We find the easiest way to draw your shape is to use a toothpick. Also makes it easier for the cutting stage.

Fourth step is the cutting stage. You must make sure that your ice cream is extremely frozen here. Best results occur when frozen at -20 degrees celcius and cooler. You need to cut around your toothpick lines to form the shape of your pokemon. Any excess ice cream is placed on top of the shape evenly.

Fifth step is to prepare your cream mix and colours. Youll need to work out the precise colours you need depending on the pokemon you choose. For Pikachu, you will need to mix yellow, red, white, black and brown.


You may need to pipe in stages (and definitely colours) if it’s your first time and you will need to keep freezing your cake every few minutes so all the piping remains consistent.

Lastly – be patient. It takes some time if you haven’t done it before – Good Luck!!

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