What are our most popular cake flavours?

Whilst we make many flavours of ice cream, we thought it time to rank them in terms of popularity with cake orders. To start with, lets look at our top 10 popular flavours:

  1. cookiesncream_20120904_1687203026Cookies and Cream – Made with a white chocolate base and smothered with Oreo cookies and biscuit crumble, this flavour is now chosen in more cakes than any other.
  2. chocolate2_20120904_1032086436 Chocolate Deluxe – This beautiful chocolate is made with pure Belgium cocoa. It’s a real standout for chocolate lovers.
  3. vanillabean_20120904_1457214835 Vanilla Bean – Very rare that you would find a Vanilla Bean ice cream as authentic as this one. We use actual Vanilla Beans in this to come up with an uncompromised vanilla flavour. You can definitely taste the difference.
  4. Rainbow Rainbow -Its sheer weight of popularity amongst the kids brings our handmade rainbow in at number 4. Made with plenty of care and patience, each flavour is made individually and then combined as one. The 3 flavours that we make are bubblegum, chewing gum and….our secret!
  5. strawberry_20120904_1335105804 Strawberry La Creme – The final piece of the puzzle for our many Neopolitan lovers, our strawberry ice cream is like no other. Real strawberries give this a flavour like no other strawberry out there; simply delicious.
  6. hokeypokey_20120904_1679136800 Hokey Pokey – This is our New Zealand inspired creation. A white chocolate base ice cream and smothered with honeycomb and violet crumble. Moorish.
  7. chocolomint_20120904_1537187325 Chocolomint – Delicious mint flavoured ice cream with chocolate chips everywhere you look. An old time favourite that just goes well together!
  8. cafedobrasil_20120904_1084217437 Cafe Do Brasil – A must for the lovers of coffee. Nothing but real coffee in this one and you can definitely taste the difference. A popular choice wit the coffee lovers.
  9. phoca_thumb_l_dulchedeleche Dulce De Leche – Our secret home made recipe. Our Spanish caramel fudge is made with pure caramel and boiled into a fudge like ice cream. One try and you’ll never look back!
  10. coconut_20120904_1308867082 Coconut – This flavour is gaining real momentum in the flavour stakes. Made with real coconut; you can taste the coconut bits. One try and you’ll be hooked!